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Divine Mass at the Cathedral of the Maronite Lady of Lebanon in sạw Paulo

  On the th of the month of August, a divine mass was held on the intention of Lebanon in the church of the Lady of Lebanon Maron attended by heads of Christian and Islamic communities in sạw Paulo who form the Lebanese spiritual council of Eastern Communities and the consul of Lebanon General Mr. Rudy Al-Qazi, and participated in the name of the Catholic Church in Brazil, the sovereignty of Cardinal Odillo, who delivered the speech of the Latin Church, console the members of the community in Brazil and the country.

  Mitropolit Damskinos Mansour patron of the parish of sạw Paulo and all Brazil of Orthodox orthodox spoke in the name of the spiritual council calling for a return to God the Creator and capable of everything. And that in Him alone everything is possible. And that He created man for life not for death. Condolences were extended in the name of the community and called for mercy to the martyrs, speedy recovery and the return of the displaced to their homes.

  At the conclusion of the patron of Metropolitan Diocese Damskinos, a special speech to all of Beirut, especially for the airports of desperation, a return of solidarity with him and standing by his side in this ordeal.

  Note that the transmission of Al-Nursat channel has been cut off in the last clip of the speech of the sovereignty of the metropolitanus Mansour. This is the text as stated:

  His Eminence Reverending Dom Odilio Cherir Cardial of São Paulo.

My brothers, gentlemen, the chaste, the esteemed cleros, and the besties

His Excellency the Consul General of Lebanon in sạw Paulo Mr. Rudy Al-Qazi

Brothers and sisters

  Today we gather together to pray for our country and our people in our beloved Lebanon after a few days ago the earthquake and devastating explosion that shook all Lebanon, especially the city of Beirut, its sea port, the eastern region and all surrounding it Buildings and institutions. Thousands of wounded, lost, and hundreds of innocent martyrs have succeeded. In addition to displacing thousands of families.

  This is a horrible crime that is hard to describe and has been caused by negligence and irresponsibility. Of course this happens only if his actor is default or inspiring by the evil master, the enemy of God and human being, this man created by God for life not for death. God has created all humans to live in peace as one family and united in safety.

  In the face of this disaster, we all, especially the clergy who dedicated ourselves to serving God and His people, have nothing but to pray for everyone. And today we pray for Lebanon and its tortured people.

Brothers and sisters

The element of evil and its actions grow in the world day by day. As selfishness, self love and personal interests. But in the end, the power of good and the voice of truth must rise and conquer all evil. We are sure that after a time of sadness and pain, the resurrection must come and joy and salvation. This is exactly what we believe and hope for Lebanon. Let this country return to its shine as a beautiful bride on the eastern Mediterranean and rise like a Phoenix bird that rises from its wings and returns to life again.

  Before yesterday as I was talking to my brother, Archbishop Edgar, I said to him: What can we do in front of this horrible event that has afflicted our people and our country Lebanon. Especially in the harsh economic and life conditions, as well as the sudden and unexpected corona strike that happened in this world?

We have found that we as men of religion have no such harsh circumstances in which evil overcomes man and his idea, we only have resort to God our creator because he alone is the source of love and our only weapon to fight evil, which is him Only one is capable of everything, and we have learned that people are not able to have God.

Let us raise our voices with faith and hope seeking forgiveness, mercy, and parental kindness, and after urgency, he must respond. When the sick were healed and resurrected? Didn't he break the fork of hell? Never forget him because everything is possible.

  Yes gentlemen and this is what we are doing now with one soul and one heart, armed with sincere prayer which is our only weapon for the salvation of our country and our loved ones in Lebanon, asking him and our great hope, that the springs of love and brotherhood will explode in The hearts of all spectrum of this people are coming together to rebuild the homeland on solid grounds.

In this painful situation, I can only extend with my brothers, the evacuation masters and the besties who compose the Lebanese Spiritual Council of Eastern Communities in Brazil, our deepest condolences.

First: From all the Lebanese people in the homeland and the country of spread and from every family that lost a dear. May God have mercy on the martyrs, safety, and divine care for all those affected by this great tragedy.

Before I finish my words, I want to turn to the gentlemen of Beirut airport, especially to the dear brother Metropolit Beirut Elias, a return of heartfelt respect to express our solidarity with him and stand by him and our prayers for him and for all the affected institutions of the real parish Geography vs (harbour) heartbreaking and destruction (such as St. George's Hospital, schools, Orthodox churches and historic Archbishop House) May Allah help him and tighten him to return it even better than it was to serve the people of the country I'm sorry.

  Finally our hope and lasting prayers for the birth of a new Lebanon.

Mercy to the martyrs, healing to the wounded and injured, and safe return to those who forced departed their homes. Loving Beirut and all Lebanon from north to south and thanks and peace to all of you dear attendees

Metropolit Damskinos Mansour metropolitan

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