Divine Mass at the Cathedral of the Maronite Lady of Lebanon in sạw Paulo

  On the th of the month of August, a divine mass was held on the intention of Lebanon in the church of the Lady of Lebanon Maron attended by heads of Christian and Islamic communities in sạw Paulo who form the Lebanese spiritual council of Eastern Communities and the consul of Lebanon General Mr. Rudy Al-Qazi, and participated in the name of the Catholic Church in Brazil, the sovereignty of Cardinal Odillo, who delivered the speech of the Latin Church, console the members of the community in Brazil and the country.

  Mitropolit Damskinos Mansour patron of the parish of sạw Paulo and all Brazil of Orthodox orthodox spoke in the name of the spiritual council calling for a return to God the Creator and capable of everything. And that in Him alone everything is possible. And that He created man for life not for death. Condolences were extended in the name of the community and called for mercy to the martyrs, speedy recovery and the return of the displaced to their homes.

  At the conclusion of the patron of Metropolitan Diocese Damskinos, a special speech to all of Beirut, especially for the airports of desperation, a return of solidarity with him and standing by his side in this ordeal.

  Note that the transmission of Al-Nursat channel has been cut off in the last clip of the speech of the sovereignty of the metropolitanus Mansour. This is the text as stated:

  His Eminence Reverending Dom Odilio Cherir Cardial of São Paulo.

My brothers, gentlemen, the chaste, the esteemed cleros, and the besties

His Excellency the Consul General of Lebanon in sạw Paulo Mr. Rudy Al-Qazi

Brothers and sisters

  Today we gather together to pray for our country and our people in our beloved Lebanon after a few days ago the earthquake and devastating explosion that shook all Lebanon, especially the city of Beirut, its sea port, the eastern region and all surrounding it Buildings and institutions. Thousands of wounded, lost, and hundreds of innocent martyrs have succeeded. In addition to displacing thousands of families.

  This is a horrible crime that is hard to describe and has been caused by negligence and irresponsibility. Of course this happens only if his actor is default or inspiring by the evil master, the enemy of God and human being, this man created by God for life not for death. God has created all humans to live in peace as one family and united in safety.

  In the face of this disaster, we all, especially the clergy who dedicated ourselves to serving God and His people, have nothing but to pray for everyone. And today we pray for Lebanon and its tortured people.